News may 1st 2023 

Dear friends, visitors, music fans, 

Although that I didn't post here for a while, there was a lot going on in the past few months. And there will be some interesting concerts coming up, so please check the concert schedule on this website 

I am especially looking forward to playing again on June 7th with the great “Zurich Jazz Orchestra” (ZJO) as a featured clarinet soloist, playing some intriguing Duke Ellington big band compositions. 

Also, there are new videos of Dela Huettners “Swingthing” (Jazz/originals) in the pipeline as well as concerts with the band “Bendorim”, performing beautiful yiddish songs.  

Looking ahead: In the winter 2023/24 I will be playing the clarinet/sax parts in Vorstatdt Variete Theatre in Schaffhausen, check back for dates and details about the program (The theme will be Ireland). 

Looking forward to a busy and diverse upcoming music time and hope to see you around! 

Love, Adrian   

News and happy 2022!! 

Dear visitors,  

I hope that you had a great start into 2022 so far!  Despite the pandemic I kept being busy with concerts and teaching, so I don't wanna complain even that of course some stuff got cancelled. Please check back on my concert page what's happening as I will try to keep the dates as up to date as possible..

December was one of my most intense month in the past years, one of the highlights was certainly being the clarinet soloist with the Zurich Jazz Orchestra, performing Ellingtons Nutcracker suite! 

All my best wishes to you for the new year and thanks for the interest, feel free to check back frequently:-)

News January 30th, 2021 

Dear friends and music lovers, hope you all had a great start into 2021 and I hope that you're healthy and motivated despite all the covid craziness out there! Let's hope for a better and also more music friendly year..there were not too many concerts in the past few months and also not that many coming up due to the circumstances, yet still here and there I have some concerts, be that live or stream, and will try to list them here in the concert section. Apart from that I have been keeping busy working (teaching, composing, practicing etc.), here are some cool things for you to look into if you are interested: 

- TV interview where you will learn some background info about my music life here and in NYC (in Swiss German though):  click here

- For those who haven't seen it yet: here's the trailer of my new album "Spotlight", all original music of mine, recorded with a fantastic international band. click here  .The album contains 10 tunes, you can listen to excerpts of all 10 tracks, click here 

- If you love it feel free to buy the whole album as a physical CD, you can order it here  or order email me directly. For those who prefer the digital download version you will find the album on various online stores.  Thanx for your interest! 

Album "Spotlight"   

NEWS February 2020

Hello everybody, hope you had a great start into 2020! I am currently working on further updating  my website, so please stay tuned. The year was up to a good start with quite some concerts, including the CD release show of Kalpana Rao's "Transformation" at Jazzclub Moods with stellar musicians from Switzerland, India and Australia. 

And I am very happy about my newest recording "Spotlight", containing all original music of mine with great international musicians! Here is the cover and below the first song of the recording to listen to. Feel free to go to the discography where you can listen to all tracks (and lots of other music too). You can also listen and/or purchase the album using this link 

The line- up of the album is as follows: 

Adrian Mira (cl, sax, compostions)

Ramon Ziegler (p)

Haggai Cohen-Milo (b) 

Tupac Mantilla (perc/dr) 


Thanks for visiting! Adrian  


Hello music lovers! End of April 2018 I recorded the new album "Spotlight" with the amazing international musicians Ramon Ziegler (piano), Haggai Cohen-Milo (double bass) and Tupac Mantilla (percussion/drums) at Hardstudios Winterthur, Switzerland. We recorded 10 tunes of mine in the jazz/world genre and I am super happy to announce our  CD RELEASE SHOW at MOODS Zuerich on MONDAY MAY 27th, 830pm!! So please save the date. Below is the first track of the new album called "Welcome", and we hope to welcome you at Jazzclub Moods!!

HAPPY 2019! 

Dear friends and music lovers,  

I hope that 2018 came to a good end for you and wishing you all the best for 2019! May it be filled with health, joy, good luck and good music! 

Keep an eye out for my concert dates on my concert date page, I try to be more or less accurate with it. Apart from performing and teaching I am still working on my new record (see earlier news post) that I recorded end of April 2018 with the amazing musicians Ramon Ziegler (piano), Haggai Cohen-Milo (bass) and Tupac Mantilla (drums/percussion), all compositions of mine, hopefully it will be finished and released soon. So keep an eye out for it, it’s turning out really nice, and also watch out for some videos recorded during the recording session at Hardstudios Winterthur. 

Wishing you all a wonderful start into 2019 and please check back here once in a while. 

News summer 2018 

Hello all, hope you are having a wonderful summer! End of April I recorded a new album with the amazing international musicians Ramon Ziegler (piano), Haggai Cohen-Milo (double bass) and Tupac Mantilla (percussion/drums) in Switzerland. There are still some steps to do until it's available but keep an eye out for it. It will be 10 tunes of mine, jazz/world genre, (on 6 tunes I will be heard on clarinet, on 4 on alto saxophone). I am really happy with the results so far and looking forward to getting it released! 


AND: In 2017 I also recorded a piano solo CD called "Mornings", 9 pieces around 5 minute each, completely improvised. Only some of them had an initial idea to start with, most none of that. In addition to my primary work as clarinetist/saxophonist I love to improvise on the piano but of course I am neither a professional pianist nor  should I be compared with one. Still: The meditative vibe and variety of the improvisations on the piano show a side of me that probably not everybody knows of. The CD was recorded in a practice room on a (baby) grand piano, so this is not a studio production. Will put on sound samples to listen to here on this site soon. 


Piano CD Adrian Mira solo 

News Late summer/fall 2017 

Dear visitor, I hope you had an amazing summer 2017! Mine was fantastic, with visits to Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Costa Verde) as well as Valencia (Spain), wow!!

Now fall is setting in and it's time to get back to work and concerts. Please visit the updated concert page and hope to see you at some of my concerts, quite a few things lined up


Dear visitor, 
Hope this email finds you well. Just uploaded a video of the performance of the band  "Querbeat" at Montreux Jazz Festival 2015 (a medley of various excerpts of songs), sorry for the delay..feel free to check it out in the video section, it was a great night! 

News February 2016 

Dear friends and music lovers, 
I hope you had a great start into 2016! Yesterday and today sunday February 7th I will be lead/solo alto saxophonist with a great big band (consisting of some of the foremost players in zurich) and the Stadtchor Duebendorf, we are performing the "Sacred Concert" of Duke Ellington (see concerts link for details). 
AND:  I am excited to perform on Saturday March 5th at Moods, Switzerlands probably most prestigious jazz venue! It's gonna be an evening of all orgininal tunes of mine, from the CD "Acoustic Journeys" and other tunes. With the great musicians Gregor Mueller (piano, Switzerland), Eduardo "Dudu" Penz (bass, Brazil/Switzerland) and Tupac Mantilla (percussion, Colombia/NYC/Germany). I really hope to see you on that evening!!