News January 30th, 2021

Dear friends and music lovers, hope you all had a great start into 2021 and I hope that you're healthy and motivated despite all the covid craziness out there! Let's hope for a better and also more music friendly year..there were not too many concerts in the past few months and also not that many coming up due to the circumstances, yet still here and there I have some concerts, be that live or stream, and will try to list them here in the concert section. Apart from that I have been keeping busy working (teaching, composing, practicing etc.), here are some cool things for you to look into if you are interested: 

- TV interview where you will learn some background info about my music life here and in NYC (in Swiss German though):  click here

- For those who haven't seen it yet: here's the trailer of my new album "Spotlight", all original music of mine, recorded with a fantastic international band. click here  .The album contains 10 tunes, you can listen to excerpts of all 10 tracks, click here 

- If you love it feel free to buy the whole album as a physical CD, you can order it here  or order email me directly. For those who prefer the digital download version you will find the album on various online stores.  Thanx for your interest! 

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