News summer 2018

Hello all, hope you are having a wonderful summer! End of April I recorded a new album with the amazing international musicians Ramon Ziegler (piano), Haggai Cohen-Milo (double bass) and Tupac Mantilla (percussion/drums) in Switzerland. There are still some steps to do until it's available but keep an eye out for it. It will be 10 tunes of mine, jazz/world genre, (on 6 tunes I will be heard on clarinet, on 4 on alto saxophone). I am really happy with the results so far and looking forward to getting it released! 


AND: In 2017 I also recorded a piano solo CD called "Mornings", 9 pieces around 5 minute each, completely improvised. Only some of them had an initial idea to start with, most none of that. In addition to my primary work as clarinetist/saxophonist I love to improvise on the piano but of course I am neither a professional pianist nor  should I be compared with one. Still: The meditative vibe and variety of the improvisations on the piano show a side of me that probably not everybody knows of. The CD was recorded in a practice room on a (baby) grand piano, so this is not a studio production. Will put on sound samples to listen to here on this site soon. 


Piano CD Adrian Mira solo 

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