Review of my CD Acoustic Journeys in magazine "Jazznmore" Jan/Feb 2012 (english)

"If someone is soloing over a 7/8 meter piece, he automatically wins one point. If, in addition to this, the person manages to use only a small ensemble, without pomp and circumstance, he deserves another point. Everything else is "icing on the cake" that makes this record what it is - a subtle opus, full of melancholy and sophistication, topped with acoustic impressions and rhythmical peculiarities of various musical styles. Acoustic Journeys is a record that moves the listener into slight feasting and tender swinging. In a few words, it's a record neatly composed and arranged and with bravura put into action. There are no signs of commercialism evidenced by the absence of a label. Mira is undertaking the marketing himself via his website, online stores, and Facebook, etc. which underlines the work's originality and invokes additional admiration; we would like to reward him here for his pioneering spirit."