News may 1st 2023

Dear friends, visitors, music fans, 

Although that I didn't post here for a while, there was a lot going on in the past few months. And there will be some interesting concerts coming up, so please check the concert schedule on this website 

I am especially looking forward to playing again on June 7th with the great “Zurich Jazz Orchestra” (ZJO) as a featured clarinet soloist, playing some intriguing Duke Ellington big band compositions. 

Also, there are new videos of Dela Huettners “Swingthing” (Jazz/originals) in the pipeline as well as concerts with the band “Bendorim”, performing beautiful yiddish songs.  

Looking ahead: In the winter 2023/24 I will be playing the clarinet/sax parts in Vorstatdt Variete Theatre in Schaffhausen, check back for dates and details about the program (The theme will be Ireland). 

Looking forward to a busy and diverse upcoming music time and hope to see you around! 

Love, Adrian   

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